The Dogras of Jammu are a distinct ethno-linguistic minority group in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi ethnic State. Their characteristic peace loving nature has been instrumental in bringing  integration and peaceful co-existence in the State otherwise smeared in turmoil. Dogras also have an unparalleled history albeit now obscure and therefore little recognized both nationally and locally.

Voice of Dogras is an attempt to bring back the lost Narrative of the Dogras of the Jammu Region. The lack of a Voice is threatening not only our Right to decide our Future but also our very identity. . The Dogras of the Jammu Region are struggling in the face of institutional neglect and political apathy.

The group stands to revive and espouse the rights of this community and bring visibility to their unique identity. The VOD is keen on looking into areas in history and polity of our region and encourage greater research and documentation . Our team endeavours to try and make what is available , more accessible and popular and at the same time enable region centered debates. Our region has distinct culture, history and issues  which need to be brought into light for an effective solution.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Rattan Kotwal says:

    Real history of Jammu & Kashmir needs to be told repeatedly and vociferously. Am glad an event in this direction is taking place in London. We need to do such events here in India too at selected places.
    Rattan Kotwal


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